Angie Harmon revealed that her dog Oliver was shot and killed over Easter weekend by an Instacart driver at her Charlotte, N.C. home. “a man delivering groceries for Instacart shot & killed our precious Oliver,” she wrote on social media. Harmon explained that the police let the driver “go, because he claimed ‘self-defense,'” adding, “He did not have a scratch or bite on him nor were his pants torn.” The Rizzoli & Isles star added, “We are completely traumatized & beyond devastated at the loss of our beloved boy & family member.”

Dakota Fanning has plans on becoming a mom. In an interview with PORTER she said, “Being an actor is a huge part of my identity. I don’t really know who I am without it. But I also have a desire to set up my life and career so that I always have a choice.” Fanning continued. “Having kids is probably more important to me than anything, even being an actor. If somebody said I had to choose, I would choose having kids.”

Valerie Bertinelli revealed to People in a new interview that she is “in love.”  “It’s a seesaw of emotions because I was adamant I was never falling in love again,” she told the outlet.  “I was supposed to die with my six cats and my dog,” she joked. The One Day at A Time star did not reveal her new guy’s name but said he was an East Coast writer whom she met on Instagram a few years ago. They began chatting on the phone earlier this year and only recently become romantic.