Christina Milian will be taking over Naya Rivera’s role in the Step Up TV series. Sources say executives at Starz, Lionsgate and producers on the show considered all their options when it came to ways with which the series could move forward following Rivera’s tragic death last summer. “There is no replacing Naya. Let’s get that straight. Her spirit lives on in our memories and every part of what this show is and will be,” said Ne-Yo who stars in the series as Sage Odom. “Christina has big shoes to fill and she knows it, which speaks to her poise and respect as a person and an artist. “

Jessica Alba revealed on Instagram that her dad, Mark Alba, has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She shared the news with a video of the two of them performing a dance routine. “My #papasito is about to SLAY #thyroidcancer,” she captioned the clip. “Starting his radiation therapy mañana.”

Salma Hayek was told she would not make it as an actress because of her nationality.. “They told me my career would die mid-30s. First of all, they told me a Mexican is never going to make it, because at the time, the new generations, it was impossible for a Mexican to have a leading role in Hollywood,” Hayek said while promoting her new film , Bliss. “I was told so many times it couldn’t happen and I almost believed them but I fought it and I won.”