Disney’s flashback collection for adults celebrates all your favorite ’90s cartoons

Throw it back to the ’90s with the Oh My Disney ‘90s Flashback Collection. “Inspired by the decade we love so much,” said the press release, “this collection features denim jackets, clicky pens, VHS-inspired goodies, and so much more.” For those lifelong fans of animated Disney classics from the ’90s like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Hercules, and A Goofy Movie, this collection is a true gold mine.

The ‘90s Flashback Collection has VHS clutches:

It has keychains:

And drinking glasses:

Cute boys clothes of course:

And even soft-cover VHS journals:

Don’t even try to resist the charms of these ombre Ariel leggings:

And snap up an LP vinyl for good measure: