I want my Chili’s Baby Back Ribs…candle?!

The good folks over at Chili’s is offering free delivery now through November 19. Yeah I know too good to be true? Well the plot thickens. Apparently Chilis is also giving away merch with delivery ordered through their app or online. The #ChilisMyHouse starter pack basically includes everything you need for the ultimate Friday-night-in experience.

“We get it. Our Guests don’t always have the time or want to leave the comfort of their homes. I deeply understand because I love being on the couch with my boys in my jammies binge-watching TV,” Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Ellie Doty said in a statement. “And, that’s exactly why you need a #ChilisMyHouse starter pack in your life. With 1.7 million homes across America becoming Chili’s restaurants, whether you’re licking BBQ sauce off your fingers in the bathtub or trying to avoid pausing the latest series you’re obsessed with, this custom starter pack will give you all the feels in a way only Chili’s can.”

Winners will snag a custom doormat, a wooden TV tray, a trivia game, a chip clip (for those wildly superior Chili’s tortilla chips), and last but certainly not least, a baby back ribs-scented candle. It’s really easy to enter, too. Just tag @Chilis on social when you order.