Kate Hudson revealed she had an A-list party crasher at one of the many parties that she threw with her broth Oliver Hudson during their appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The pair recalled throwing huge parties at their parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s home when they were out of town.  “I’m standing at the door making sure that people who aren’t supposed to be at the party aren’t coming in — there’s like 400 people at my parent’s house,” Hudson recalled. “ I see someone scaling, literally scaling, an eight-foot gate at my parents’ house. They come off and they do a back handspring and pose and I’m about to yell at this guy, and it’s Tom Cruise.” Kate said she went over to greet the actor, who wasn’t invited but decided to come by because he “heard there was a party.”

Lana Del Rey has canceled her European tour due to an undisclosed illness.  “Sorry to let everyone down so last minute but this illness has taken me by surprise and have totally lost my singing voice,” the singer said in a statement. ”The doctor has advised four weeks off for the moment. I hate to let everyone down but I need to get well.” She did not give details about her  illness and the singer has not spoken out on social media.

Kaley Cuoco made a cameo on Young Sheldon and if you were not listening closely you might have missed it. The Big Bang Theory star was the voice of pool water in Sheldon’s nightmare in the December 12th episode. Cuoco and co-creator Steve Molaro agreed not to announce or credit her cameo so fans could enjoy it as an Easter egg.