OCEAN CUBE is an “underwater” playground for Instagrammers

Immersive exhibit “Ocean Cube” is opening in NYC on June 8. The trippy pop-up installation invokes “a surreal human world under the sea,” and takes about an hour to walk through. The exhibit features 5 rooms and “20 additional instagrammable” spots,” according to a statement. “Participants will enter Coral Tunnel, walk through Net Guard, and then arrive in Jellyfish Station or swim in Bubble Mall and finally save memory in Recycle Bank.”


“The jellyfish are meant to make you seem as if you are floating with them. They are light, delicate, and play with both color and texture,” one of the designers Randy Fernando said. “You end up immersing yourself into a tranquil and meditative state in a field of these delicate creatures and cool color tones.”