This little 6-inch square card will CHANGE the inside of your refrigerator

The Food Freshness Card just won an Edison Award, and for good reason. Measuring only 6″ by 6″, the laminated card extends the freshness of your fruits, vegetables and bread by up to 40%. The Food Freshness Card, created by father and son team Rick & RJ Hassler, doesn’t even need to be touching food – you just place it in the fridge, under a fruit bowl, or in a breadbox, and reap the rewards for at least a year before you have to replace it. “Global food waste totals $5 billion annually and accounts for eight percent of greenhouse gas emissions,” Rick Hassler said. “The Food Freshness Card utilizes Tesla technology and is manufactured under three U.S. patents to help keep food fresher inside or outside of a refrigerator.” Though the product is mostly marketed toward industrial applications, you can get one for your home for $75 HERE – which seems like a deal, given the potential savings.