Walmart’s new line of furniture and deco is actually ULTRA stylish

Last week, Walmart unveiled a new line of furniture and decorations called MoDRN – and the collections actually look really stylish. According to the website, the line “features an emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship, trend-driven design and unique furniture that was designed to meld seamlessly with your own personal style.” The featured collections are especially chic-looking, and the rooms are well thought-out and appealing. “The line incorporates high-end materials – think velvet and performance leather upholstery fabrics, Carrara marble table tops, native and exotic veneers, hand-brushed metal and brass accents, and solid wood features in white oak and walnut,” according to the press release. “Prices range from $700 – $899 for sofas, $599 – $649 for beds, $20 – $60 for barware, and $199 – $699 for indoor and outdoor dining tables and chairs.”

Retro Glam

Refined Industrial

Scandinavian Minimal

Though the whole endeavor is reminiscent of Ikea’s business model, that last collection in particular is almost a copycat style. But we’re not complaining! Just like Ikea, Walmart’s new MoDRN line is also searchable by room. Check it all out HERE.